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How To Get Active To Boost Your Immunity In A Crisis

A talk by Paul D. Michaels
How To Get Active To Boost Your Immunity In A Crisis, Work-Life Formula

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About this talk

Now that you are Working Remotely, I'll show you how you can:

• Get and stay fit every day without the gym and accomplish your health goals.

• Boost your energy to power your success.

• Maximize your creativity so you can get more done in less time.

• And much more...

Your Health and Wellness are your greatest assets and your first line of defense against poor health outcomes!

"The average American is spending over 55% of their waking day being sedentary with much of that during work hours, and it's proven to be the leading cause of "sitting disease." (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity.) -

Today is the best time to start improving your health and wellness.

Let me help you get started, right now.

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Paul D. Michaels

As of March 26, 2020, I have walked over 80% of the distance around the Earth, while I work.

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