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3 Work Desks That Will Boost Your Wellness And Productivity

A talk by Ben Bigglestone
How To Boost Your Wellness While You Work, iMovR

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About this talk

We are going to give you a tour of the Sitting/Standing desks, desk converters, or treadmill desks.

Sitting been described as the new smoking and many people consider it to be more harmful to our bodies. Excessive sitting is associated with obesity and chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. Sitting is a part of so many aspects of modern life. We sit at work, on the commute, in front of the TV. Even shopping can be done from the comfort of your chair or sofa. Poor diet and lack of exercise exacerbate the problem, the impact of which can go beyond physical health—anxiety, stress, and depression have been shown to increase from excessive sitting.

‘Active workstation’ is a term used to describe a desk that allows you to switch from the sitting position whenever you feel it necessary. Standing desks, desk converters, or treadmill desks are considered the best for ergonomics and productivity.

Research shows that active workstations have a positive impact on obesity, back pain, blood circulation, mental outlook, and productivity.

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